Biophysics Lab Course 2015/16

This year's biophysics lab course will take place in the winter term break from February 22nd till March 4th, 2016 in the facilities of the Soft Matter Physics Division (Linnéstraße 5), the Molecular Nanophotonics Division (Linnéstraße 5), and the Institute for Medical Biophysics (Härtelstraße 16–18). It is intended for master students of the German and the international physics studies program (IPSP). Interested students are requested to contact Dr. Undine Dietrich.

The lab course comprises six experiments which are usually conducted in groups of two students.

Use the links above in order to download the tutorials for the experiments in form of PDF files. The participating students have to prepare for the experiments using these tutorials. The theoretical preparation will be checked by means of a short pre-lab test to ensure an appropriate experimental procedure. Finally, for each experiment, a protocol has to be created and submitted to the tutors until the agreed deadline.

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Soft Matter Physics Division
Biophysics at the University of Leipzig
Prof. Dr. Josef A. Käs